50 Play Dumb Quotes To Make You Act Smarter

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Looking for inspirational quotes about playing dumb ? We’ve have got the best collection of play dumb quotes, sayings, messages, captions for Instagram, (with images, pictures, memes) to inspire you to play dumb and act smart in life when situations demand.

Play Dumb Meaning: The idiom means to pretend to be slow-witted or lacking in specific knowledge, usually in order to avoid responsibility or to gain some advantage over others.

These playing dumb quotes are funny, witty, sarcastic and inspirational to encourage you to be smart enough to know when to act dumb/stupid to turn something in your favor.

Play Dumb Quotes

  1. “I peep everything, I just play dumb.”

  2. “Don’t play stupid with me, I’m better at it.”

  3. “Smart has the plans stupid has the stories.”

  4. “Play dumb and act smart.” ― King Rodgers

  5. “It takes a smart guy to play dumb.” ― Mr. T

  6. “Smart people camouflage their intelligence.”
    Play Dumb Quotes
    Play Dumb Quotes

  7. “Playing dumb is a valid negotiating technique.”

  8. “Don’t play dumb with me, you’re not that smart.”

  9. “Lay low, play dumb, keep moving.” ― Roger Stone

  10. “Brains are an asset, if you hide them.” ― Mae West

  11. “Don’t play dumb with me! It’s a game you can’t win.”

  12. “Playing dumb is easy. You just act like everyone else.”
    Play Dumb Quotes Funny
    Play Dumb Quotes Funny

  13. “We play dumb but we know exactly what we’re doing.”

  14. “Sometimes you got to be smart enough to play stupid.”

  15. “You’ve got to have brains to play dumb.” ― Helen Ellis

  16. “The trick of being smart is knowing when to play dumb.”

  17. “Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is to play dumb.”
    Playing Dumb Quotes
    Playing Dumb Quotes

  18. “Manipulation Tactics: Acting Innocent and Playing Dumb.”

  19. “Once you already know what’s up, be smart and play dumb.”

  20. “I’m not dumb, I just play dumb to protect myself.” ― Toli Persona

  21. “I’ll play dumb and act like I don’t know just to see if you gonna lie.”

  22. “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde.” ― Marilyn Monroe
    Play Dumb Quotes Images
    Play Dumb Quotes Images

  23. “A man gets what he wants by acting smart; a woman, by playing dumb.”

  24. “The trick to being smart is knowing when to play dumb.” ― V. Alexander

  25. “The best revenge on a liar is to convince him that you believe what he said.”

  26. “Sometimes playing stupid opens your eyes to the truth.” ― Anthony Liccione

  27. “A man can only play dumb so many times before everyone starts to believe it.”

  28. “Sometime you have to play dumb until they figure out that you’re not stupid.”
    Quotes About Playing Dumb
    Quotes About Playing Dumb

  29. “I love playing dumb, it allows me to see people’s true intentions.” ― Kavisha Bhatt

  30. “Sometimes I won’t admit I know you’re lying because I can’t admit how I found out.”

  31. “It’s not the lie that bothers me. It’s the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive.”

  32. “Best thing I ever did was play dumb round certain people just to see how they move.”

  33. “A smart girl is one who knows how to play tennis, golf, piano and dumb.” ― Marilyn Monroe

  34. “You think I’m stupid for not realising it, but the truth is, I’m just being nice by not telling you.”

  35. “Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you.”

  36. “Smart people play dumb and ask questions while dumb people often play smart and answer them.”

  37. “The advantage of wisdom is that you can play dumb. The opposite is more difficult.” ― Kurt Tucholsky

  38. “Don’t underestimate me: I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than you realize.”

  39. “Rachael: They asked me a lot of questions about you. I played dumb. Annabeth: Was it hard?” ― Rick Riordan

  40. “A Scorpio can easily “play dumb”, so you will underestimate them and they will strike when you least expect it.”

  41. “The truly intelligent person is one who can pretend to be a fool in front of a fool who pretends to be intelligent.”

  42. “I play dumb when I know a guys true intentions I just give them the benefit of the doubt and I’m always proven right.”

  43. “I play dumb like Jessica Simpson plays dumb. But we know exactly what er’re doing. We’re smart blondes.” ― Paris Hilton

  44. “Intelligence is sexy. Don’t play dumb, especially young girls. Don’t play dumb. And let people see that you are intelligent.” ― Iman

  45. “I always said that you have to be really smart or really dumb to play this game well. I just don’t know where I fit in.” ― Beth Daniel

  46. “The rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb and the dumb girls spend their days trying to be all of the above.” ― Caleb

  47. “Narcissists play dumb when they’re caught. You should never feel compelled to explain the basic principles of common courtesy to an adult.”

  48. “We can’t play stupid hockey, dumb hockey, greedy hockey, selfish hockey. We have to put the team ahead of our personal feelings.” ― Terry Crisp

  49. “You have to be smart to play a dumb blonde over and over again and keep the audience’s attention without extraordinary physical equipment.” ― Judy Holliday

  50. “The guys who play it [soccer] are kinda dumb. Why don’t they just kick the crap out of the guy in front of the net? Then they could score all they want.” ― Tite Kubo

  51. “Mallory O’Brian: Don’t play dumb with me. Sam Seaborn: No, honestly, I am dumb. Most of the time I’m playing smart.” ― From “The West Wing”, an American Tv serial

  52. “If you’re squeezed for information, / that’s when you’ve got to play it dumb: / You just say you’re out there waiting / for the miracle, for the miracle to come.” ― Leonard Cohen

  53. “Taking Advantage Tactic: Feigning ignorance or confusion. Playing dumb, or acting like they don’t know what you’re talking about, which can throw you off balance and make you doubt yourself.”

  54. “Sometimes you just have to play dumb, listen to all the critics, taunts and just put down your head and work hard. And when your time comes, drop the curtains and let see all those people go gaga over you.” ― Dilip S Gowda

  55. “Smart people play dumb… Intelligent people keep shut… Good people don’t talk about the good things they do… Honest people don’t say they never lie and the people who love you… Don’t tell you you’re right when you are wrong.”

  56. “Every time you get into a new job, new location, you have an amazing opportunity in front of you. You get to play dumb for as long as people will allow you to play dumb. You get to ask all the dumb questions, you get to ask multiple people the dumb questions, and you get to make mistakes. That’s how you stand out in the crowd.”


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