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Looking for your favorite quotes from popular American rapper Dave East? We have got the best collection of Dave East quotes, sayings, captions, song lyrics, (with images, pictures, wallpapers) about love, life, success, karma, and music.

Full name: David Lawrence Brewster Jr.,  Aka: Dave East

Born: 3 June 1988 Born in: East Harlem, New York, United States

Occupation: Rapper, singer, and songwriter

Height: 6 ft 5 in: Weight: 93 kg,  Net worth:  $500K 

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These famous Dave East quotes on love and life are wise, motivational, and funny which you can relate to. Don’t forget to also read our collection of  Lil Tjay Quotes quotes and lyrics for some inspiration.

Top Dave East Quotes

  1. “I want a son.” –  Dave East

  2. “I’ll never give up my style.” – Dave East

  3. “I write all my own music, everything.” – Dave East

  4. “I wanna go to every country on the Earth.” – Dave East

  5. “It took mad failures for me to start to win.” – Dave East                                                                               
    Dave East Quotes Images
    Dave East Quotes Images

  6. “I got it tatted on me, ‘born broke, die rich.’” –Dave East

  7. “I am not going to lie – my looks helped me.” – Dave East

  8. “I’m never really trying to focus on one aim.” – Dave East

  9. “I watch movies all day. I am a heavy movie head.” – Dave East

  10. “I was with Mass Appeal solely for almost two years.” – Dave East

  11. “With me, I record so much that I just get in the zone.” – Dave East

  12. “Where I’m from in Harlem, everybody look like a rapper.” – Dave East

  13. “I want to put out music that everyday people can relate to.” – Dave East

  14. “People don’t get signed by Def Jam every day on my block.”- Dave East

  15. “You’re born a certain way, but you don’t gotta die like that.” – Dave East                                                         
    Dave East Motivational Quotes
    Dave East Motivational Quotes

  16. “The fashion and the rap go hand in hand with New York City.”- Dave East

  17. “Growing up in Harlem, I was always in the parks playing ball.” – Dave East

  18. “I think my music is more personal than most of the music I’m hearing.” – Dave East

  19. “I never thought I’d be sitting across the table with the owner of Hennessy.” – Dave East

  20. “Law 2: The Law Of Creation. What we desire comes through participation.” – Dave East

  21. “I never felt like ‘I’m an underground dude’ or ‘I can only be hot in New York.’”

  22. “I’m never gonna sell my soul or violate myself for no amount of dollars or fame.”
    Dave East Inspirational Quotes
    Dave East Inspirational Quotes

  23. “I’ve been able to provide for my family, move out of Harlem and travel the world.”

  24. “I’m not feeling R. Kelly. And I got a daughter, so I’m super not jacking R. Kelly at all.”

  25. “I’ll never put out some super-dumbed-down music. It’ll always have some substance to it.”

  26. “You always hear rappers say they don’t write, but they’re not really talking about anything.”

  27. “I want to eventually get to a point where I can make all types of music for every type of crowd.”

  28. “A lot of creativity coming from the east side of Harlem. It really built my character and who I am.”

  29. “Being self-made is a state of mind, and once you put that mentality to work, your success will come.”
    Best Dave East Quotes Survival
    Best Dave East Quotes Survival

  30. “I just value my family’s opinion as far as my music goes because that’s the ones that really know you.”

  31. “Nas really introduced the world and a lot of people to me – that was ideal as far as me first coming in.”

  32. “I’m still an athlete at heart, so I always want that comfort and something that feels like an athletic shoe.”

  33. “Deep down in my heart and what I’ve seen and what I’ve been around, there is nothing better than Islam.”

  34. “I think R. Kelly is twisted, sick-minded, nasty, perverted – he different. I don’t know anybody like R. Kelly.”

  35. “I think what sets a New York rapper apart from other rappers from other places is just being from New York.”

  36. “When I’m dead, gone or whatever, people will always remember my name and the music I did during my time.”
    Dave East Quotes Wallpapers
    Dave East Quotes Wallpapers

  37. “I always had a gift with writing. I can really write. I always felt like I can write movies or somehow get into that.”

  38. “Islam has a negative outlook on it around the world based on what the media tries to show. They not showing the peace.”

  39. “If you’re a fan of anything I do, I’m always telling a story. I’m into that – I like it when you don’t know if it was true or not.”

  40. “When I go back to my hood, Queens, Brooklyn, or here in L.A., the people that’s not famous, that’s what inspires me.”

  41. “My journey is self-made because I came from nothing. It’s the best feeling now, because I don’t really feel like I owe anybody.”

  42. “Spanish Harlem is like every ghetto in America. There’s every distraction possible. To make it up out of there is really a task itself.”

  43. “I feel like I’ve mastered Dave East. For a long time I was trying to figure out who I was and what sound I wanted to come with.”

  44. “I feel like rap fit me better. I could hoop. I could have went and did that, but this is my lifestyle, my temperament, my mentality.”

  45. “My father brought a basketball to the hospital when I was born, and he already had it embedded in his head that I would be a ball player.”

  46. “No matter how dope you are, if you ain’t really built, if you ain’t put that groundwork in, you gonna flop. Nobody gonna fill those arenas.”

  47. “I want to be one of the greats. I feel like the money and all that is going to come, but I want to be a name that, like, when you say Nas or Jay Z, that’s forever.”

  48. “Since the ’80s, Harlem has the place to go. Before the ’80s, just as far as hip-hop go, Harlem has always been a strong point, fashion-wise, music-wise, all of that.”

  49. “I always wanted to do something I knew I could love to wake up and do every day, and rap was just second nature to me, growing up in Harlem. I never really had to try.”

  50. “I always tell people, I never get writer’s block because it’s coming straight from my brain, like, real-life experiences. I’m like the news. I’m just reporting it for myself.”

  51. “Islam really brought a discipline to my life that I didn’t really have before. My old mindset was if they ain’t helping me, I ain’t helping them, but you can’t live life that way.”

  52. “Everybody knows I smoke, drink, and be up in the club, but I don’t want that to be my entire thing. I want them to see me get up and go to the gym after a night of clubbing.”

  53. “You can’t turn fame off regardless if you’re a platinum-selling artist or you’re in jail every week. If you’re famous, you’re famous. You’re in the headlines either way you go.”

  54. “I wouldn’t tell nobody to sign no slave deal or sign your life away or nothing like that, but if the deal is right and if it benefits you, you’d be a fool if you did not take advantage of it.”

  55. “My standout moment I would have to say was when ‘Black Rose’ dropped and getting the co-sign from Nas and The LOX. I would say all those moments together were crazy for me.”

  56. “When I’m out of town, I always try to get some readings or some type of new information to where I’m learning more about Islam, just to become the best Muslim I can become.”

  57. “The Netflix thing with Nas is more of a documentary, where we kind of… talk. We go to my neighborhood. You get to see where I’m from and all that. And then, I’m in the studio with Nas.”

  58. “The reception on ‘P2’ has been crazy. Every show on the tour has been sold-out. I didn’t think people were gonna catch on to it that quick because I started the tour the same day it came out.”

  59. “I stand out. I don’t really think I fit in with the ‘what rap is’ today. I feel like I stand out because I’m talking about me and my homies and stories from my life. I ain’t really trying to have you turnt up all day.”

  60. “A big part of what kept me focused on the music was already failing with basketball. I played basketball all of my life. When basketball didn’t work, I knew that I had to make it in whatever I decided to do next.”

  61. “Wu-Tang was going through it. They didn’t come from great homes or families. They really came from hard beginnings so it just made me reflect on my own situation. If Wu-Tang was able to make it, why can’t I?”

  62. “After the first three or four years of me taking rap seriously, it started to look more promising. I started booking shows and more people were playing my music, so I starting believing this could actually work for me.”

  63. “A lot of people change for good. Some people just fall off. Just trying to progress in anything, no matter what you’re doing, I feel like any progression you make… some people aren’t gonna be around you that were around you.”

  64. “I was incarcerated for a little while in Baltimore, and my celly was Muslim. I was watching him pray every day, and his outlook on getting out of that situation was a lot more positive than the other dudes that were Muslim in the jail.”

  65. “I feel like a lyricist is somebody that writes their own lyrics. Now songwriters and lyricists are two totally different things. You can’t really be a lyricist if you didn’t write your lyrics. There’s no passion, there’s nothing in it coming from you. It’s somebody else’s feelings and you just taking it and running with it.”

  66. “Nobody uses skits at all anymore, so it seems like I use a lot. That’s how I grew up on tapes. Biggie tapes, Biggie albums would have skits. The Lox would have skits. Mase would have skits. All the dudes I grew up on in Nineties rap would have skits on their projects, just to make you feel like you were right there with them.”

  67. “I wanna be in a movie, I wanna have a clothing line, I wanna put myself in a position where, when I’m dead and gone, or I can’t rap anymore, that’s still moving. Tupac and Biggie, they’ve been dead 10-plus years and people talk about them everyday. I’m gonna try to speak everything into existence. I know the music is my key to get there.”

Dave East Song Lyrics

  1. “Even if you show’em nothin’ but love, they’ll hate you” ― Song: Party Monster

  2. “Young, black and rich they worst nightmare” ― Song: Slow Down

  3. “Cleaned up like a janitor/ D’s watchin’ on camera” ― Song: Let It Go, Album: Black Rose

  4. “We never argue/ We never argue/ My lil’ rider/ Uh” ― Song: We Never Argue, Album: Karma

  5. “I can’t leave you alone/ You got me fiendin’/ Got me going crazy” ― Song: Alone, Album: Survival

  6. “Six million ways to die/ Six million ways to get rich” ― Song: It Was Written, Album: Kairi Chanel

  7. “Trey pound, that’s a KD/ I ain’t showing up if they don’t pay me” ― Song: KD, Album: Hate Me Now

  8. “Understand success gon’ come with hate just get that love out” ― Song: Slow Down, Album: Kairi Chanel

  9. “If they was not in the field, I won’t put they name in a song/ I been in the zone” ― Song: Handsome, Album Karma 3

  10. “I’m from Harlem, hustlin’ will make me rich/ A hundred nights, I made a hundred flips” ― Song: Again, Album: Kairi Chanel

  11. “You claim you want me, that’s something that you just gotta prove” ― Song: My Dirty Little Secret, Album: Paranoia: A True Story

  12. “I cannot believe it/ I cannot believe it/ Real life, though/ I cannot/ I cannot believe it/ Eyes open” ― Song: Keisha, Album: Kairi Chanel

  13. “Lately I feel like a Beatle/ I’m Paulie McCartney just rocking Moschino/ Moscato or Pinot” ― Song: East Coast REMIX, Album: Still Striving

  14. “We ain’t have no cable but with cane was able/ To buy my momma groceries before she made the table” ― Song: Blueprint, Album No Pressure

  15. “Before I got on my feet I was gettin’ topped in my Jeep/ I signed a deal and copped a Rover, now I got room to bent ’em over” ― Song: Party Monster

  16. “I can’t leave you alone/ You got me feenin and/ I’m thinking and I’m dreaming about your love/ Double cup how I’m drinking” ― Song: Alone, Album: Survival

  17. “Whip up a 8-ball, look like milk/ Tryna take my chain and get killed/ They talk like they gangsta, not built/ I jump out the wraith off a pill” ― Song: Checc, Album: Karma

  18. “We came up from nothing, it was never with us/ Tell Kairi I love her, if they ever get us out of town” ― Song: Paper Chasin, Album: Def Jam Presents: Direct Deposit Vol. 2

  19. “The streets told me East, please just put out a tape/ Gorillas in Louie, don’t wear too much Bape/ It’s not my C-Day, but I got too much cake” ― Song: NOBU, Album: Karma 2

  20. “Every morning that I’m waking up, somebody askin’ about my BM/ Who is that, whip blue and black? On my seat, I’m getting a BM/ That’s a I8 through the tri-state” ― Song: Free Smoke

  21. “Paranoia gettin’ the best of me/ I don’t want nobody next to me/ Don’t talk unless you got a check for me/ I don’t see nobody ahead of me” ― Song: Paranoia

  22. “Like it’s written in Chinese it’s hard to read her/ I poured an 8th in a liter knocking Aaliyah/ It’s funny I fell in love with her Instagram” ― Song: My Dirty Little Secret, Album: Paranoia

  23. “As I get on the road, I fill up the tank/ Then I fill up a blunt/ I got the grip in the trunk/ No, I’m not a trick but she get what she want/ I keep her right in the cut, we be low in the back,” ― Song: Levelin’ Up, Album: Karma 2

  24. “Bottles of Ace/ I’m thinking imagine if I was born rich/ I’d had on baby Louis Vuitton kicks/ My daughter got ’em/ Got dollars to make your mom strip/ The FED’s on me now every monday the car switch” ― Song: No Hook

  25. “Been a while since I felt anything man. Body cold. I don’t feel nothing no more. No shine, no rain, no crying, no pain, no love, no hate. I don’t feel it. No feelings, let me just live” ― Numb to the world Song: Numb, Album: Hate Me Now

  26. “I did a lot but I never hated/ Never hated/ Did a lot but I never hated/ We throw the money up/ We throw the money up/ I did a lot but I never hated/ We throw the money up/ We throw the money up.” ― Song: Type of Time

  27. “Uh, I was raised where it’s cold at/ The presidential was plain ’til game froze that/ OxyContin and Molly I really sold that/ All black .380, this hammer matchin’ my Bo Jacks” ― Song: For The Family, Album: Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up

  28. “Yo, bein’ broke is so embarrassin’, got sick of wastin’ time/ I took some packages to Maryland/ Me and Leek, couple pounds of tree in the caravan/ Before I ever wrote a rhyme, I had a scam/ Might have been young, but I had a plan” ― Song: Slippin’, Album: 4/4 2

  29. “Hieroglyphics, got ’em tatted on us, so it’s hard to miss us/ Reminiscin’ my uncle sniffin’ the Lionel Richie/ Soul Train over breakfast, Lexus across the Triborough/ They not thorough, how you my brother? You not Errol” ― Song: Godfather 4, Album: Survival

  30. “Oh, we ain’t friends no more?/ Why you won’t listen no more?/ Damn, I let a good girl go/ Away, away, away, I’ve been/ All around the world/ And I’ve been looking for you, searching/ You deserve it ’cause you’re perfect” ― Song: Perfect, Album: Paranoia: A True Story

  31. “You can’t imagine the trenches/ What you know about trappin’ and pitchin’?/ Now I got ’em laughin’ up in the back of the Bentley/ What you know about not havin’ a penny?/ Phone jumpin’, gotta bag it up quickly” ― Song: Phone Jumpin, Album: Paranoia: A True Story

  32. “How could you hate the only brother that you never had?/ I don’t take it personal, I promise I ain’t never mad/ I could love you from a distance, I ain’t gotta see you/ It might not be me but somebody need you/ Love don’t disguise the evil” ― Song: Corey, Album: Paranoia 2

  33. “I had a basic plan, get out the projects and never look back/ Could still smell the aroma from when my uncle would cook crack/ One conversation between homies, better yet brothers/ That used to spend the night with each other” ― Song: The Hated, Album: Paranoia: A True Story

  34. “Cuban ’round my neck’ll brighten everybody day/ Used to hit the club and they make everybody pay/ Now I pull up with a tool that make everybody wait/ Everybody told me I’d be dead by 21/ By 22 I had to really go and get a gun/ Never stand still, couple homies on the run/ I never tell, know that money better come” ― Song: Everybody Say, Album: To Whom It May Concern

  35. “Paid 1100 cash just so the bottom’s red/ Jew told me bloody gainin’ weight, hope he get out the feds/ Cut your hair, gonna be hard to recognise you without your dreads/ Clientele slow with the pound, here go an ounce instead/ Home invasions, homie, over any amount of bread/ Flip the fish tank, shoot the dog, make sure the house is dead/ I’ma flight risk, no ankle monitor, I prolly fled” ― Song: I Don’t Understand It, Album: Karma 2


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