30 Best 6ix9ine Quotes, Song Lyrics About Love And Life

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Looking for your favorite quotes from popular American rapper 6ix9ine? We have got the best collection of 6ix9ine quotes, sayings, captions, song lyrics, (with images, pictures, wallpapers) about love, life, success, and music.

Full name: Daniel Hernandez,  Aka: 6ix9ine, Tekashi69

Born: May 8, 1996 Born in: Bushwick, New York, United States

Occupation: Rapper, singer, and songwriter, convicted felon

Height: 5ft 5 inch: Weight: 134 pounds,  Net worth:  $4 million

These famous 6ix9ine quotes on love and life are wise, motivational, and funny which you can relate to. Don’t forget to also read our collection of  Lil Tjay Quotes quotes and lyrics for some inspiration.

6ix9ine Quotes

  1. “The scumbag persona is just for shock value.” — 6ix9ine, The Rapid Rise and Sudden Fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine

  2. “I’m self-made. I started it.” — 6ix9ine, 10 Things to Know From 6ix9ine’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ Interview- XXL

6ix9ine Lyrics From Songs

  1. “I don’t really want no friends.” — 6ix9ine, Song: FEFE, Album: Dummy Boy

  2. “Got that super soaker, hit that, she a Fefe.” ― 6ix9ine, Song: FEFE, Album: Dummy Boy

  3. “Pull up to the party off a molly/ Pull up to the party in a ‘Rari” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Mooky, Album: DAY69

  4. “B.B. saggin’, fly like a dragon” ― 6ix9ine, Fetty Wap, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Song: TATI, Album: DAY69: Graduation Day

  5. “Baby I ain’t a hot boy, I’m a block boy/ Double trigger Glock, make him Diddy Bop, boy” ― 6ix9ine, Song: KEKE, Album: DAY69

  6. “They throw dirt all on my name, spell TEKASHI69/ Went to jail, spent the case” ― 6ix9ine, Lil Pump ft. 6ix9ine – DRIP (Remix)

  7. “Cause she don’t wanna wait in line/ I told her patience is a virtue/ Baby you should take your time” ― 6ix9ine, Song: 69, Album: SCUMMY SCUMZ

  8. “I’m on beast mode, shoot you through your peep-hole/ Said he want smoke, I don’t really see it though” ― 6ix9ine, Song: BILLY, Album: DAY69

  9. “I know you don’t like me, you wanna fight me/ You don’t want no problems at your party, don’t invite me” ― 6ix9ine, Song: TROLLZ, Album: TattleTales

  10. “Pull up to his door yeah, get on the floor yeah (yeah)/ Pull up, we gon’ shoot, don’t check out the score yet.” ― 6ix9ine, Fetty wap and a boogie wit da hoodie

  11. “Represent that Scum Gang, mane, respect my conglomerate/ Got a young Scum in the cut with the pump” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Pimpin, Album: SCUMMY SCUMZ ’

  12. “Seein’ that I’m poppin’ in the shots, I’m like the Durell/ Order stitches for these snitches, dead men tell no tales” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Wish You Never Done That

  13. “Flame up, light it/ They see me and get excited/ Two step, spin around, so fly, pilot/ They sick, been hot way before Coronavirus” ― 6ix9ine, Song: GOOBA, Album: 69

  14. “Bare-faced, I’ma hit a lick, on the regular/ Posted with the drop, gun cocked, on the regular. Yeah I’m 6ix9ine with the nine, on the regular” ― 6ix9ine, Song: On The Regular

  15. “Yeah, you know I do my dance/ In the club, throwin’ dub/ Rack it up, shake it up/ Watch me do it, how I bust it up” ― 6ix9ine, Song: GOTTI, Album: DAY69: Graduation Day

  16. “Who was talkin’ jockin’ the Xan, like boom/ Bet he want static ’til they see me, like move/ But there he go right there, boom-boom-boom!” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Rondo, Album: DAY69

  17. “Hit a stain, fifty bands, all hunnids/ Spinnin’ through ya block, like a pop shove-it/ Shoot at me, I’m shootin’ back, I’m gettin’ buckets” ― 6ix9ine, Song: GUMMO, Album: DAY69

  18. Big drum on the gun, it’s a pump with a red beam/ Catch him in the bed while he sleep, that’s a wet dream” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Poles 1469, Album: A Love Letter To You ( by Trippie Redd)

  19. “Call 911, but he can’t come back/ Shoulda never got caught without that/ Always got my strap, up that, ASAP/ When that Ruger clap, your medulla splat” ― 6ix9ine, Song: International Gangstas

  20. “I keep a red flag hangin’ out my backside/ Only on the right side, yeah, that’s the Blood side/ And I’m bangin’ East-Side/ Shoutout to the West-Side, but I’m bangin’ Red-Stuy” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Blood Walk

  21. “And the goons let the two spark, work hard and move salt/ 8 Ball like pool, hoes, cracked like the pavement/ Diesel like the gas station, trap out the basement” ― 6ix9ine, Song: Zkittlez, Album: Alle Freunde Fett

  22. “I don’t even know like “Why I did that?”/ I don’t even know like “Why I hit that?”/ All I know is that I just can’t wife that/ Talk to her nice so she won’t fight back” ― 6ix9ine, Song: FEFE (Ft. Murda Beatz & Nicki Minaj), Album: Dummy Boy

  23. “I roll up, I’m gon’ be booted, stupid, and shootin’ stupid/ Brought a knife, I brought a Ruger, stupid, I really do this/ If I tote it then you know I’ll shoot it and I’ma prove it/ Back, back, don’t be movin’, stupid, or I’ma use it” ― 6ix9ine, Song: KOODA, Album: DAY69

  24. “If you need a plate, then you could hit me on my turf/ I need twenty-five, try to stick me and that gun burst/ I need all of mine, try to try me and it’s Columbine/ Let that ruger fly, automatic poppin’ at your guys” ― 6ix9ine, Song: CHOCOLATÉ, Album: DAY69

  25. “I just left Starlets and I ain’t even cash out/ Back out, straight to the trap house, I blow her back out/ I’ll pull her tracks out, got her running like it’s track now/ Like a Smackdown, rock bottom I’ma pin her down” ― 6ix9ine, Song: TATI, Album: DAY69: Graduation Day

  26. “Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track/ They don’t shoot back, one shot, close range, red dot/ Head tight, yeah, I did that, yeah, I live that/ Call a Uber with my shooter, with a Ruger, we gon’ do ya” ― 6ix9ine, Song: FEFE (Ft. Murda Beatz & Nicki Minaj), Album: Dummy Boy


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