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Looking for some famous quotes about playing with fire? We’ve have got the best collection of playing with fire quotes, sayings, captions, poetry, (with images and pictures, memes) which you can relate to.

Playing with fire meaning: It is an idiom which means to do something that could cause you trouble later.

These quotes are inspirational sayings from famous movies, songs, leaders, which will explain how playing with fire and risking your relationship, life, and work may get you burnt.

Playing With Fire Quotes

  1. “Playing with fire Kitten?” — Jeaniene Frost

  2. “We may be playing with fire.” — Guenael Rodier

  3. “Don’t play with fire if you’re not willing to burn.”
    Don't Play With Fire Quotes
    Don’t Play With Fire Quotes

  4. “You cannot play with fire.” — Al-Waleed bin Talal

  5. “Don’t play with me cause you’re playing with fire.”
    Playing With Fire Quotes
    Playing With Fire Quotes

  6. “Sweetie don’t play with fire and expect not to get burned.”

  7. “Playing with fire will eventually turn bitter.” — Welsh Proverb

  8. “If you’re afraid to get burned, you don’t want to play with fire.”

  9. “Don’t play with fire at the end it will burn you.” — Meraj Haque

  10. “I need someone to see fire in my eyes and wants to play with it.”
    Love Playing With Fire Quotes
    Love Playing With Fire Quotes

  11. “I’m playing with fire, something I don’t understand.” — L.J. Smith

  12. “Feelings are not to be played with. Playing fire will get you burned.”
    Playing With Fire Quotes Images
    Playing With Fire Quotes Images

  13. “If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.” — Bam Bam Bigelow

  14. “Leo’s are touchy. When you play with a Leo, you’re playing with fire.”

  15. “Playing with fire doesn’t necessarily get you burned.” — Simone Elkeles

  16. “What’s the point of playing with fire, when you don’t allow to burn little!!”

  17. “Playing with water, wet. Playing with fire, burned.” — Indonesian Proverb

  18. “You are playing with fire Denmark. We are ready to fight.” — Hanifah Maidin

  19. “Those who play with fire should expect to be consumed by it.” — Katie Macalister

  20. “If it doesn’t burn a little what’s the point of playing with fire?” — Bridgett Devoue

  21. “We all get burned by playing with the fire. Look at me, my entire body is in flames.”
    Beautiful Playing With Fire Quotes
    Beautiful Playing With Fire Quotes

  22. “Ladies who play with fire must remember that smoke gets in their eyes.” — Mae West

  23. “The only pictures worth making are the ones that are playing with fire.” — Billy Wilder

  24. “Sometimes writing is like playing with fire… like trying to tame an uncontrollable beast.”

  25. “She was always greedy for mayhem. She didn’t just play with fire, she tugged on the devil’s tail.”

  26. “Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” — Candace Bushnell

  27. “They’re playing with fire and it looks like they’re going to get their fingers burned.” — Gary Ross

  28. “Those who deny the science or choose excuses over action are playing with fire.” — John F. Kerry

  29. “There’s fire in her… If loved correctly, she will warm your entire home. If abused, she will burn it down.”

  30. “I knew I was playing with fire when we met, so I couldn’t blame you when I got burned.” — Bridgett Devoue

  31. “You should know what happens you play with fire, Cahill. Eventually, You’ll get burned.” — Maria V. Snyder

  32. “Playing with fire was her hobby. Sometimes it was for real, other times it was in her heart.” — Hridya Varier

  33. “My mom told me not to play with fire but she never warned me of the flames inside people.” — Fire & Flames

  34. “Foolishly play with the fires of rumor, only to risk being burned by its treacherous flames.” — Joshua Homme

  35. “I don’t know why I don’t put it out baby. We kiss and the flames just get higher… I guess I like playing with fire.”

  36. “Female, I give you fair warning: you are playing with fire” – Tegan to Elise (Midnight Awakening)” — Tina St. John

  37. “Playing with fire is bad for those who burn themselves. For the rest of us, it is a very great pleasure.” — Jerry Smith

  38. “But be very, very careful, because when you’re playing with momentum, you’re playing with fire.” — Jim Cramer

  39. “You are playing with fire. You just don’t know that yet. You might burn and there will be no smoke. At all! ” —Ashima

  40. “My love is on fire/ Now burn baby burn/ My love is on fire/ So don’t play with me boy” — Blackpink, Playing With Fire Song Lyrics

  41. “So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” — George Orwell

  42. “It is one of those lessons that every child should learn: Don’t play with fire, sharp objects, or ancient artifacts.” — Patricia Briggs

  43. “Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes, we constantly play with fire despite of knowing that were gonna get burnt from it.”
    Stop Playing With Fire Quotes
    Stop Playing With Fire Quotes

  44. “Great writers are not those who tell us we shouldn’t play with fire, but those who make our fingers burn.” — Stephen Vizinczey

  45. “How could you tell children they were playing with fire if they´d never had the experience of being burned?” — Alexandra Adornetto

  46. “Anyone who toys with the idea of cutting off bits of the eurozone hoping the rest will survive is playing with fire.” — Yanis Varoufakis

  47. “When he told me not to play with fire or I might get burned, I just laughed and said, baby, you can’t get burned when you’re the flame.”
    Playing With Fire
    Playing With Fire

  48. “She was born wild and curious. A cage is no place for someone like that. “I play with the fire of my own truth,” she told me. “I will burn for the things I love.””

  49. “I think that by telling the truth and by attempting to be a good citizen, somehow I’ve ended up playing with fire. And that’s really scary.” — Cecily McMillan

  50. “The one advantage of playing with fire…is that no one ever gets singed. It is the people who don’t know how to play with it who get burned up.” — Oscar Wilde

  51. “Even with matters of the heart. When you play with fire you will eventually get burned. When they burn you once they will burn you twice.” — Shimika Bowers

  52. “Remember sometimes just the rush of having a crush is a temptation, even if it is inappropriate, but beware of playing with fire, you will get burned.” — Joseph J. Ellis

  53. “She knew she was playing with fire. And fire inevitably burns. No matter hoe beautiful it is when it’s burning, it always leads to destruction in it’s wake.” — Smriti Brar

  54. “She’s a gunpowder in a firework that lights up the sky, with a personality that holds a rainbow of colors for those brave enough to play with her fire.” — J. Iron Word

  55. “Let’s all wise up. Some of us aren’t fighting the fire; we’re playing with fire. Flirting with the devil. Stop it! Stop it now before all hell literally breaks loose.” — Beth Moore

  56. “We’re like a two-year old playing with fire … we’re messing around with something really dangerous and don’t really understand what will happen.” — William F. Laurance

  57. “We need to play with fire and emotion for 32 minutes. It’s a letdown to have the rest of the teams playing while we’re eliminated, and it’s not acceptable.” — Dominick Romero

  58. “I get burned, I don’t learn/ I’ll be back, give it time/ Yeah, I know it sounds crazy/ But I guess I like playing with fire.” — Thomas Rhett, Song: Playing With Fire, Album: Tangled Up

  59. “You’re playing with fire/ Well you’ve got your diamonds/ And you’ve got your pretty clothes/ And the chauffeur drives your car/ You let everybody know” — Manfred Mann Earth Band

  60. “You are obviously writing out of experience and so the boundaries are always blurred, it is just that sometimes it would seem that you are playing with fire a little bit by choosing someone that obviously existed.” — Robert Dessaix

  61. “I can cite a few cases of where people have tampered around with magic and witchcraft that they’ve been very severely frightened and traumatised by some of the outcomes. I mean we are playing with fire, and I had to say that.” — Peter Hollingworth

  62. “”You’re playing wire fire, Aaron. People who do that get burned.” “I don’t play with fire, Dayton. I stroke it and make it burn hotter and faster until it consumes everything in its path. I’ll never take a spark where I can have a roaring flame.”” — Emma Hart

  63. “Within your own generation-the same songs, the same wars, the same attitudes toward those wars, the same rules and radio shows in the air-you can gauge the possibilities and impossibilities. With a person of another generation, you are treading water, playing with fire.” — John Updike

  64. “I knew I could only play Cyrano if he were Americanized. I had no intention of writing the script myself. I was afraid of it. You’re playing with fire when you tamper with a classic. So I went looking for a writer. But it was such a personal idea, and anyone I would give it to would make it his own. It’s hard to ask Neil Simon to write your idea.” — Steve Martin

  65. “When I see the mostly young people of Occupy Wall Street – a mixture of the bored, the nihilistic, the seekers of excitement, the left-wing true believers, the confused idealists and those hoping to engage in violence – railing against the rich capitalists on Wall Street, I get worried. Because the hatred they express toward the rich is similar to that expressed against the rich by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Of course, these people are not comparable to those killers. But class hatred must lead to bad things. That is why President Obama is playing with fire with his attacks on the rich.” — Dennis Prager


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