70 Nonchalant Quotes To Have A Positive Attitude

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Looking for some inspirational quotes about being nonchalant? We’ve have got the best collection of positive nonchalant quotes, sayings, messages, captions for Instagram, (with images, pictures, memes) to inspire you to be calm and composed in every situation in life.

Nonchalant Meaning: Its a feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm. The word describes someone who is unbothered or relaxed and calm in a way that shows that they do not care or are not worried about something.

Having a nonchalant attitude means to be collected, calm and composed in every stressful situation. It’s a good thing if we imbibe it rightly in our behavior. It makes us less angry and relaxed in a troublesome situation. Hope these nonchalance quotes inspire you to be cool and be less reactive to things happening in your life and relationship.

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Nonchalant Quotes

  1. “Beauty is nonchalance.”― Marty Rubin

  2. “What you allow, is what will continue.”

  3. “Fortune favors the nonchalant.”― Marty Rubin

  4. “The less you give a damn the happier you will be.”

  5. “I try to act nonchalant but inside I’m actually chalant.”

  6. “Ease is the sign of grace in everything.”― Marty Rubin
    Nonchalant Quotes
    Nonchalant Quotes

  7. “We were art but even the most beautiful paintings can burn.”

  8. “Be calm in the face of all common disgraces.”― Gordon Lightfoot

  9. “Nonchalance: When the tide washes in, I will be where I must be.”

  10. “I’m not a nonchalant person but sometimes I really just don’t care.”

  11. “Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.”― Henry Beard

  12. “I’m very nonchalant. I don’t care about anything.”― Rob Kardashian
    Nonchalant Quotes About Life
    Nonchalant Quotes About Life

  13. “Nature gave us shoulders so we can shrug things off.”― Marty Rubin

  14. “Jazz music is an intensified feeling of nonchalance.”― Francoise Sagan

  15. “My shrug was so nonchalant it would make a cat jealous.”― Patrick Rothfuss

  16. “Remaining calm in times of desperation makes way for opportunity.”― Simon Sinek

  17. “Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.”― Walt Whitman
    Nonchalant Attitude Quotes
    Nonchalant Attitude Quotes

  18. “Don’t try too hard to understand things. Be easygoing. That’s the best.”― Marty Rubin

  19. “The rich life, the poor eat death; so what is the problem they ask?”― Anthony Liccione

  20. “Smile, nod, agree and do whatever you were going to do anyway.”― Leonardo Dicaprio

  21. “The rain that falls wherever it pleases. I want to be that rain.”― Michael Bassey Johnson

  22. “I wanted to write a novel. At 12 I knew, I am a writer. I said it to nobody.”― Peter Bichsel

  23. “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”

  24. “To be calm is the highest achievement of the best of what you have.”― Harbhajan Singh Yogi
    Nonchalance Quotes
    Nonchalance Quotes

  25. “There’s calm in each and every day, we just need to practice reaching out for it.”― Ron Baratono

  26. “You buried your innocence alive with your toys. You buried your pain with a nonchalant attitude.”
    Nonchalant Quotes Funny
    Nonchalant Quotes Funny

  27. “Nonchalant attitude creates a man of iron-will resistant to the ‘ruffian’ Moirai.”― Ashwin Bharadwaj S

  28. “I’m nonchalant, not toxic, like, I care but why would I show it and you moving how you move? lol nah.”

  29. “Liberty is equally desirable to the good and to the bad, to the brave and to the dastardly.”― John Major

  30. “Nonchalance is the ability to remain down to earth when everything else is up in the air.”― Earl Wilson
    Nonchalant Relationship Quotes
    Nonchalant Relationship Quotes

  31. “Arguing with me is a waste of time, I’m so sarcastic and nonchalant that it’s gon piss you off even more.”

  32. “The nonchalant oceanic in beauty of her eyes, made me believe in the calmness of death!”― Amit Kumar

  33. “Gemini are mostly nonchalant, but deep down in their heart, they actually consider a whole lot of things.”

  34. “They became nonchalant because this was more or less an everyday occurrence out there.”― Bob Petersen

  35. “I’m so sad because I’m becoming so detached and heartless. Like I’ve never been so nonchalant in my life.”

  36. “Show nonchalant attitude to your life. Who knows? Sorrow may get bored coming to a response less human.”
    Nonchalant Quotes Images
    Nonchalant Quotes Images

  37. “A person is wise if he listens to millions of advice and doesn’t implement any of it.”― Michael Bassey Johnson

  38. “Real men don’t dance to other people’s tune, instead, they play for others to dance.”― Michael Bassey Johnson

  39. “The ability to remain calm and focused in stressful situations is central to making positive decisions.”― Goldie Hawn

  40. “He moved in a way that suggested he was attempting the world speed record for the nonchalant walk.”― Terry Pratchett

  41. “It was brutal acting this nonchalant. I was revved up like an ADD sufferer at a kaleidoscope convention.”― Mark Tufo

  42. “Even though a Sagittarius is usually nonchalant, when it comes to the person they love, they care deeply about everything.”

  43. “To achieve the nonchalance which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match.”― Hardy Amies

  44. “You are at peace with yourself when you are unattached and nonchalant to the things that don’t flow naturally towards you.”― Pragya

  45. “Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.”― Paramahansa Yogananda

  46. “I am a nonchalant person until you discover me but then you realize that I’m more absurd than anything else in this world.”― Suryansh

  47. “I would live all my life in nonchalance and insouciance, were it not for making a living, which is rather a nouciance.”― Ogden Nash

  48. “I like Easter. But let’s remember that Christ’s resurrection is not truer at Easter than at any other time of the year.”― Alden Wilson Tozer

  49. “Calm sailing doesn’t come from calm waters, it comes from having a good navigator; a good crew and a good vessel.”― Anthony T. Hincks

  50. “I’m nonchalant, so if you ever catch me caring know it’s genuine. It’s too many people or things I concern myself and my emotions with.”

  51. “Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification affording evil acceptability in society.”― Abraham Joshua Heschel

  52. “Be the calm eye of the storm where nothing phases you, focus on your center to remain balanced, let your life flow like a stream of wind.”― Jay Woodman

  53. “Panic! for me has been an outlet for nonchalant chaos. It gives me full ride to fulfill this dream that anything is possible because of this band.”― Brendon Urie

  54. “I’m nonchalant because it benefits my sanity. Doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just don’t usually freak out, especially if it’s about something I can’t control.”

  55. “In the first half, we were playing kind of nonchalant. Sometimes our offense is off but we’ll still play decently on defense and that will keep us in the game.”― Caitlin Hyduke

  56. “He shook his head in wonder. “You are magnificent.” “I keep telling everyone that,” she said with a nonchalant shrug, “but you seem to be the only one to believe me.”― Julia Quinn

  57. “I like very dry humor. I don’t like things that are over the top. I like subtlety. I like things that are nonchalant. I like characters that are sort of monotone and based in dark comedy.”― Emily Rios

  58. “I am definitely not nonchalant. I have to leave nonchalant at home when I’m working on something, otherwise I just don’t feel like I’m committed, and I’ve gotta be fully committed.”― Guy Pearce

  59. “Countless souls are starving to death around the world, yet you keep wasting heaps of money on alcohol, cigarettes and cheap thrills – how can you be so nonchalant, my friend!”― Abhijit Naskar

  60. “And prefers to sit out a problem rather than sweat out a solution. The nonchalant and perfunctory attitude is a powerful tool of satan in his efforts to retard the growth of God’s kingdom.”― Myles Munroe

  61. “Your nonchalant gestures and quiet slangs made me reap so much sadness in my heart, that I get stumped by fear and surprised to the core when my chest senses a familiar feeling toward someone else.”

  62. “Practice in everything a certain nonchalance that shall conceal design and show that what is done and said is done without effort and almost without thought.”― Baldassare Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier

  63. “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”― Elie Wiesel

  64. “Having a nonchalant attitude is far better than stressful attitude. As stressed mind never gives positive vibes. Happy, calm and relaxed mind helps us to manifest all the things that we wanna attract in our life.”― Larika Shakyawar

  65. “There’s a perception about the player’s attitude – that they’re not ready mentally. They may be nonchalant now, but once players step on the field, it’ll be a different story. Everybody wants to win, you can’t let teams show you up.”― Randy Winn

  66. “My mom would give me a piece to play, but I wouldn’t do any theory because when it came time to do it I would sneak back upstairs and watch TV. So, I had these kind of nonchalant lessons for years, then it just started soaking in.”― Vanessa Carlton

  67. “I am such a nonchalant friend. You decide to bail on plans? That’s alright: You’d rather hang out with your man? No worries! You haven’t talk to me in 3 weeks? That’s ok too. At the end of the day, we all have our own lives to live and I’m always going to be here.”

  68. “Ah, today is not really a good day, but my afterthought suggests it is, since I have had the chance to learn that life cannot be exemplary all the time. It is good to be taken aback once in a while because only then, would I value the state of being nonchalant. Aishah Madadiy

  69. “The Brahmins say that in their books there are many predictions of times in which it will rain. But press those books as strongly as you can, you can not get out of them a drop of water. So you can not get out of all the books that contain the best percepts the smallest good deed.”

  70. “The first half of the 1960s was the apogee of what might be termed the Age of Cool – as defined by that quality of being simultaneously with-it and disengaged, in control but nonchalant, knowing but ironically self-aware, and above all inscrutably undemonstrative.”― Martin Filler

  71. “Top 5 things that make a woman lose interest: lack of attention, not communicating/nonchalant replies to her opening up to you, not taking accountability for mistakes, being too friendly with other girls, making her ask for anything she gives to you freely. Don’t let pride lose your blessing.”

  72. “By the time we hit the streets they were silent and closed in on us, and they had assumed the Nonchalant Look, an expression that said, I am not a nurse escorting six lunatics to the ice cream parlor. But they were, and we were their six lunatics, so we behaved like lunatics.”― Susanna Kaysen

  73. “To love life, you have to grow nonchalant. You grow nonchalant to those things, people and their actions that keep repeating the same thing, which really hurt you before and so many times. Isn’t it? But the spirit helps you to learn to be nonchalant to such actions, with your inactions. A lesson well learnt. Isn’t it?”

  74. “If you always dreamed of writing a novel or a memoir, and you used to love to write, and were pretty good at it, will it break your heart if it turns out you never got around to it? If you wake up one day at eighty, will you feel nonchalant that something always took precedence over a daily commitment to discovering your creative spirit? If not–if this very thought fills you with regret–then what are you waiting for?”― Anne Lamott

  75. “What do you need to know about Capricorn men: He’s usually cool, calm and collected; sometimes comes off as nonchalant; he’s silently afraid of failure, which either makes him an overachiever or just plain lazy; he’s dependable in a relationship; he gets younger (at heart) as he gets older; he’s aware of his emotional unavailability but tries to make up for it; he feels things stronger than he shows; he craves understanding.”


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